How Indians are capturing "The Global CEOs" tag?

Indians are everywhere, capturing the Global CEOs tag. Some people signify it as the "Rise & Shine" of Indian brains, and on the other hand, some as "Big Brain Drain" for India. Let us understand in the deeper aspect about this. Let us go deeper.

The Introduction
Here are listed some Indian name(s) with Global CEOs tag in the Tech world.

How Indians are capturing "The Global CEOs" tag?
How Indians are capturing "The Global CEOs" tag?

  1. Arvind Krishna - IBM
  2. Nikesh Arora -Palo Alto Networks
  3. Parag Agrawal - Twitter
  4. Satya Nadella - Microsoft
  5. Shantanu Narayen - Adobe Inc
  6. Sundar Pichai - Alphabet Inc
Wonderful to watch Indians holding such great positions at that big level. But what makes them so fit for these kinds of roles. Let us have a look.

The Reasons

  1. Indians are comfortable with diversity and difference.
  2. Indians are hard-boiled in the harsh crucible of the Indian environment.
  3. Indians are very efficient. They have the ability to do more in less.
  4. Indians are more focused on returns and execution.
  5. Indians have a better overview of society and its needs.

The "Rise & Shine" of Indian Brains

This tweet tells a lot.

The "Big Brain Drain" for India

CEO is not the owner of the company and the reason they are posting an Indian as CEO is they are available more in numbers. Indian students want to do a job in a big company instead of creating big company of their own. This is the key difference between other country youngsters. Everywhere entrepreneurship is appreciated and in India, only jobs are appreciated.

Even Tesla CEO Elon Musk has agreed with Stripe's Collison, especially as the USA and big tech "greatly benefit" from Indians, especially with its executive staff that has been leading these Big Tech companies. Musk is known for outsourcing work from different nations, especially with its Gigafactory focuses that are now spread throughout the world.

The End Notes

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